Alexander Nevzorov $ 300 Million. Part 2. Happiness

Alexander Nevzorov $ 300 Million. Part 2. Happiness


Содержание книги Alexander Nevzorov $ 300 Million. Part 2. Happiness. But now the time allotted for this is over, the book is written, the results are summed up… What else? Read what happened… And in the same way for 3 months. Once, having set myself the goal of seizing 300 million dollars in three months, I wrote a book with the same name. And I set myself for her – to achieve Happiness. But life has not stopped, a person can not live without goals, without new goals.

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  1. april.leigh.catlin

    не согласен с автором, вернее даже не с автором, а с тем, кто придумал этот пост

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